About Us

We have a team of professionals who are committed to help individuals in finding their Right Career by discovering pieces of their innate intelligence. Everyone wants to be better – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether one is looking for personal or professional development, the fact stands tall that we all want to be happier in life. We all want to transform our dreams into reality, which can be possible by understanding our way of dealing with situations against the set society benchmarks. Everyone is different; that is why each one needs a more personal and individualistic approach to solve one's problems. Our long association with parents and students, and the experience of writing case studies of contrast between parents and child’s approach towards life has given us the vision to opt for career counseling. The sole aim is to make parents understand their children and also help children to know that they are born original and there is no need to live a life being a copy of someone. For the same, we recommend sessions for counseling & coaching students for career selection and growth in life that makes real sense for them. We desire to get time to explain to you the unique, most reliable career selection program based on cognitive psychology, Embryo science & neuroscience. Our Career-Expert team will help children know their potential and suitable career options available for them. This will surely protect them from taking wrong career decisions in haste or by copying someone.

Dr. Ramanad Pandit (CEO)

Dr. Pandit, has been involve in teaching, counseling, training and other health and education related activities from last 15 years. He did his research in occupational, psychological, sociological, philosophical aspects of human behaviour and professional development….

Mrs. Sita Pandit (Chair Person)

With a graduate degree in educational field and over 10 years’ experience in education, consultancy and management field, she has developmed very good counseling skills and overall management of the organization…