About CEO

Dr. Ramanand Pandit


Occupational Health, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Career Counseling, Research in Health and Educational field, DMIT expert, motivational speaker etc.

Dr. Pandit, has been involve in teaching, counseling, training and other health and education related activities from last 15 years. He did his research in occupational, psychological, sociological, philosophical aspects of human behaviour and professional development.

He is involved in different colleges as teaching professionals for occupational health, Professional Development, Medical Sociology and Anthropology, Community Health Organization and Development, Food and Nutrition, Environmental Science, Psychology, Mental Health and Research Methodology.

He visited most of the districts of Nepal for conducting training on different public health related subject matters, DMIT and other career counseling related activities. He had published several research articles in reputed national and international journals, authored book- A Hand Book of Occupational Health and Safety and presented papers/attended several national and international conferences.  Now he is a Chairperson of Nepal Public Health Association in Province-2.

He is also a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Star Education Foundation (GSEF) Research and Training Centre located in Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal. His main responsibilities for this foundation are to conduct different types of proposal writing training, thesis writing training and scientific article writing training for different national and international journals.

To produce best human resources by choosing best career choices, he is also conducting different types of tests e.g. DMIT, IQ Test, Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Learning Style Test and Multiple Intelligence Test. On the basis of test result, the candidates will able to find their inborn talent, their personality, their potential, their intelligence, thinking style and their learning style. If a candidate selects their career choices on the basis of these findings, they will do the best in their field.

Therefore he (CEO) also helps to choose best career for Bachelor, Master, MPhil and PhD on the basis of test results.
He also involved in conducting training for different professionals e.g. teaching professionals, government employees and private industrial job holders regarding their professional development. He also help to make good environment for conducting classes regarding Public Service Commission related exams, licensing examination for pharmacy and Nursing field.