Personality Test

Personality tests and inventories evaluate the thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behavioral traits that comprise personality. The results of these tests determine an individual’s personality strengths and weaknesses, and may identify certain disturbances in personality, or psychopathology. This is used for uncovering the personality characteristics of applicants, thereby assessing their relationship with the performance of a specified job. The personality traits of a person depict ability to develop interest in other people, and strength of focus to work with them. Certainly, this is a strong determinant of environmental adjustability and tendency to operate without overbearing cloud of phobia. Other personality traits that can be appraised are emotional stability, motivational system, and openness to experience, conscientiousness, gregariousness, amiability and introversion.

Examples of personality test are personality attribute inventory, cross-cultural adaptability inventory and personality adjective checklist.

Advantages of personality test

  1. It facilitates identification of people with the interpersonal traits required for jobs.

  2. It can aid discovery of the intrinsic abilities of applicants.

  3. It is a vital tool for overall assessment of a person, when combined with other assessment tools.