Every person has capacity to improve upon by acquiring knowledge or practice upon enhancing competencies. It is always productive if it is by the professionals. We organize trainings program for teachers, parents & schools in understanding student behavior, adolescent issues, social issues, learning problems & positive attitude. It helps them in understanding of children & maximizes their outcome. Teachers, parents & schools start appreciating individual differences, began understanding child’s inherent talent, their learning styles; accept why children react and respond differently; Understand that IQ is not the only parameter of assessing intelligence.

Our team of trainers develops their capability, capacity, productivity and performance in given area what is useful for them.

    1. Teachers training about use of different tools and techniques for best teaching learning environment.

The training contents includes DMIT test, Personality test, aptitude test learning style test, IQ Test and Multiple Intelligence test including other psychological and behavioural issues and training for teacher is very necessary for best teaching learning environment in the school/ college. Because after realizing their own potential, inborn talent, personality, learning style, quotient level, multiple intelligence and thinking style then only they can imagine by putting themselves on the place of students. Then, we hope the teacher can make very good teaching learning environment in the school. The benefit of this will be realized by teachers, students, parents and founders also.

    1. Proposal and report writing training

We are providing training for proposal and report writing for academic and project level. This will be very helpful for the students and the candidates who want to write proposal and report for project level.

    1. Article writing and publication in scientific journals

Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. Therefore, we provide article writing training and publication in different scientific journals for multidisciplinary field.

    1. Data management training

To make your research as time-efficient, reproducible and safe as possible, it is important that your data management is well thought, structured, and documented. You will be able to easily find and understand your data, increase your data’s reuse potential and comply with funder mandates at the same time. For data management training, we provide training to use different softwares like; SPSS, Epi-Info, R Software, EpiData etc.